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About Me

Hello! I am looking for positions in which I can grow and work on data-informed research or data analysis. The internet is a very scary place, but I am a real person (here’s a typo to proove it).

I can talk for a long time about accessible cities, social mobility, and gender equality. When I need a break from the world, I practice karate with friends, chat with strangers in Chinese, and laze around in parks.

I enjoy meeting new people, so you are welcome to email me at


For data analysis and visualization, I typically use Python and Microsoft Excel. If a project calls for it, I may use SQL, Tableau, and/or R. However, I’m constantly adding to my skillset.


Python Libraries: pandas, numpy, regex, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly
Soft Skills:
Interpreting past & present events to understand context (Historical Research)
Writing to an uninformed audience
Sighing at the grave rabbit hole I’ve dug myself


Python Analysis

Government Policies Have Dimmed the Pearl of the East: After a costly pandemic, air travel to Hong Kong has halved.

In the past few years, Hong Kong has faced great political turmoil and strict COVID response procedures, causing an irrevocable shift in culture, leading residents and companies to flee the city in droves. Using Python and Jupyter Notebook, I aggregated, cleaned, and analyzed the data from 10+ public data sources to quantify the change in Hong Kong air travel. I published my research, analysis, and data visualizations in a comprehensive Medium article.
Article | Code-Walkthrough

Hong Kong Air Traffic Timeline!

Tableau Dashboard

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

I visualized the proportion of people vaccinated globally (October 2021) using Tableau and MS Excel.

Seattle AirBnB Pricing

I visualized the prices of AirBnBs in Seattle in relation to a variety of variables including number of bedrooms, zip code, and time of year.

SQL Query

Nashville Housing

Using SQL, I queried and cleaned a dataset containing information on the sale date, sale price, land value, and number of beds and baths for housing in Nashville, Tennessee.